The Top Reasons To Invest In A Solar Water Heater

The sun is a free and invaluable source of energy that we are continually learning to utilize more and more in our daily lives. Homeowners and business owners alike are seeing the benefits of solar energy as an invaluable resource in the form of solar panels and solar water heaters. This sun-driven technology is expanding into more households across the world and as a result, more companies than ever are offering solar power for heating homes and powering businesses.

Are you looking into purchasing a solar water heater for your house? Maybe a solar water heater wasn’t even on your radar until you clicked on this article. Either way, it’s good that you’re here to learn more! Today, we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons to invest in a solar water heater and help those on the fence decide whether solar water heaters are the smart and economical choice for their home or business.

Reason #1: Save Money For Years To Come 

Solar water heaters are great for home- and business-owners as they save you money not only up front on your electric bill by providing up to 80% of your home’s hot water needs, but also money on your taxes. There are government programs and tax breaks for those who use solar energy, so you can not only save money on your bill but also at tax time. Solar water systems pay for themselves in a matter of a few years, with some models lasting up to 20 years, which translates to years of savings after the system is paid off.

Reason #2: Little To No Maintenance Required

After a solar water heater is installed, it does not require a lot of maintenance or attention. The installation process is simple and easy with very few intricate or complicated parts. All that needs to be done to keep your solar water heater in tip top shape is to clean the panels when they get dirty and perform an annual cleaning of the tubes to help clean out any scale and sediment that can build up over time, especially if you have hard water. A soft water system can save you (and your pipes) a lot of hassle and extra cleaning. 

Reason #3: Environmentally Friendly

Gas or electric water heaters emit carbon into the environment, which as we know quite well now, is bad for our environment and the natural world. Of course, one person can’t do a lot of damage alone, but think of every household in a major city using the same source of energy and how much fossil fuel or nuclear power that uses. Those types of energy damage the earth in many ways. Solar water heaters are an efficient and eco-friendly to not only protect the environment for future generations, but it also save money and get performance comparable to its not-so-friendly counterparts. With highly efficient results, savings and the knowledge that you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, you can get a lot of good out of your solar heater.

Reason #4: Cost Less And Uses Less Space Than Normal Solar Panels

Solar water heater panels are more efficient that regular panels, so it takes less of them to gather the same amount of sun energy. You will only need 1 to 3 panels on your roof, making it much more affordable to purchase as well. Always make sure you are looking for credits and special discounts for using solar energy from your energy company and city as well.

Reason #5: Increases Your Property Value

Adding a solar water heater to your house is proven to add value by being energy efficient, reducing your carbon footprint, being low maintenance and providing heating no matter the weather outside. Having an energy efficient home is an eye catching amenity to more earth-conscious home buyers as well and studies have shown that homes with solar options sell at a faster rate at higher prices as well. 

Not only does solar power save you money throughout the life of your solar water heater, but you can rest easy knowing you are helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint all while using the most up and coming energy tech there is to offer.

Ready to save with solar?

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