Ecowater ERO 385 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

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ERO 385

Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems provide high-quality water for worry-free drinking or cooking. This state-of-the-art filter will improve the quality of water from wells or municipal water supplies.

System Features:

  • New premium post-filter reduces PFOA/PFOS, DEET, Ibuprofen, MTBE, VOC’s
      • Removal of 92 total contaminants
  • Removes 99.1% Lead
  • BPA-Free System
  • 50 gallons per day production rate, industry rated, high recovery 42% membrane (actual production rate will vary depending on water usage and conditions).
    • Nearly 1:1 process water ratio – more efficient, uses 50% less water than the 375 series
  • Membrane and post-filter completely retrofittable/interchangeable with the 375 series
  • Additional filter selections are available including alkaline.
  • The filters are enclosed for cleanliness and ease of replacement.
  • Changing filters does not require turning off the water, a simple 1/4 turn of the filter shuts off the water and the filter is released at the same time.

System Options:

  • Unique and elegant chrome or brushed nickel faucet styles.
  • Optional electronic faucet indicates when filters and membrane need to be replaced.
  • System is expandable if additional filters need to be added.
  • Additional filter selections are available, including higher capacity sediment, or a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rated filter.
  • The membrane can be upgraded to a 75 gallon per day membrane.
  • Adaptor kits are available to easily add a permeate pump system, which provides improved flow rates at the faucet.
  • For a list of the impurities reduced by the ERO 385 Series reverse osmosis systems, please contact your EcoWater Pro.

reverse osmosis drinking water purification system

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