Well Pressure Tanks

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Pressure Tanks

pressure tank for water service

The pressure tank is a component of a well system, along with the pump, pressure switch and the well itself. It stores water from the well and supplies it to your home at an appropriate pressure.

A pressure tank contains water (at the bottom) and compressed air (at the top). The compressed air exerts pressure on the water when you turn on a faucet, causing it to flow out of the tank and into your home’s plumbing at a uniform rate.

Water from a well enters the tank as a result of the pump action. As the water rises within the tank the air is compressed. Water from the well enters the bottom of the tank through the action of the pump. Once maximum pressure is reached (typically 50 to 60 psi), the pump shuts off.

When you turn on the water in your home, the compressed air forces water out of the tank. The pump turns back on to replenish the air after the air pressure hits the pre-set minimum.

This process gives you instant access to well water, without having to turn on a pump. This also reduces stress on the pump and increases the lifespan.

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