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Independent Water Services, Inc. of Yakima, WA can test the water supply (for free!) in your home or office building and recommend the best water treatment solution to perfect your drinking water. Request your Water Analysis here.

Our technicians offer the expertise on a wide variety of solutions from water softeners to pressure tank maintenance and can install and maintain any water system to help improve your water.

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Independent Water Service, Inc. is an official dealer of Ecowater Systems that services both residential and commerical water systems in Yakima and Kittitas counties.

Frequently Asked Water Questions

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While most homeowners may never encounter scary-sounding water contaminants like toxaphene and trichloroethylene, there are several common water problems to be on the lookout for in the home:

  • Hard water
  • Iron water
  • Acid water
  • Turbidity
  • Taste and Odor
  • Contaminants

For more information on these problems, please schedule a FREE water purification test. 

The right water purification system or treatment for your home is determined by a number of factors including a professional water test and analysis of your families water usage. 

  • What water system are you currently using (municipal or well)?
  • How many people are living in your home?
  • What is your normal water usage?
  • How many bathrooms do you have?
  • What kinds of water-using appliances are in your home?

Authorized EcoWater Pro's like Independent Water Service of Yakima, WA are water treatment professionals trained to understand your family’s needs and determine the right product for your home.

One of the biggest misconceptions about water softeners is that the salt is what softens your water.  What actually softens the water are the thousands of resin beads inside your softener that filter out hard water minerals.

  • Water softeners use a negatively charged ion exchange resin to collect the impurities from your water. The resin becomes charged when it mixes with a sodium or potassium solution. The salt in the water softener isn’t what softens the water; it is what enables the resin to collect and remove the hardness from your water.
  • The EcoWater refiner softens your water, and also removes the chlorine taste and odor, which is often a result of water treated by cities and municipalities.
  • Regeneration is the term for when the resin is being cleaned and recharged in the sodium solution.

Purified water is water that has been mechanically filtered or processed to remove impurities and contaminants like bacteria, chemicals, and toxins from tap water.

Filtered water involved running water through a type of filter, carbon filters being the most common. Carbon filters remove chlorine and improve the water’s taste. In these filters, the activated carbon helps remove unwanted contaminants like pesticides and arsenic, but leave minerals in. 

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The benefits of treated well water include:

  • Reduced scale build-up on pipes, faucets and water-using appliances, providing energy savings.
  • Reduced iron stains, tastes and odors.
  • Cleaner, brighter laundry.
  • Lower use of soaps and detergents, saving money.
  • Eliminated spots on glassware and silverware.
  • Softer skin and hair.

Independent Water Service of Yakima, WA can evaluate your water and recommend a water softener system or whole home filtration systems customized to treat your home’s well water.

Key signs of a well pressure tank reaching the end of it's life or needs parts replacement are:

  • The pressure switch and pump constantly switching on and off.
  • The well is pumping sand or sediment in.
  • Low water pressure

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