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Hard water is water that contains a high mineral content - specifically calcium and magnesium. You most often see the results of hard water in water spots left behind in your shower, or water faucets. It can even lead to a buildup of minerals in showerheads and faucets around the house.

  • Easier on sensitive skin
  • Gentler on clothes and linens
  • Easier cleaning
  • Less energy consumption
  • Plumbing protections
  • Less consumption of detergents.

Independent Water Services can recommend and install a water softener system for your specific needs. Start with a free water analysis and see if a water softener system is right for you.

The latest technology in water softeners combines the power of wireless technology with your water softener system. For more information, contact us or visit links below to learn more about EcoWater systems.

Featured Systems

Water Softeners - Learn More about EcoWater Softeners
ECR3700 Series
ECR3702 Series (same as above but 2-piece unit)
ESD2750 Series

Water Refiners - Learn More about EcoWater Water Refiners
ERR3700 Series
ERR3702 Series (same as above but 2-piece unit)

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