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Demystifying Well Pressure Tanks: Keeping Central Washington’s Well Water Flowing

By Karen | September 19, 2023

If you’re a homeowner in the Yakima area, there is a good chance you rely on a well for your water supply. While a well can provide us with fresh and clean water, it also requires some essential equipment to ensure a steady and reliable water flow. A crucial component of a well system is … Read more

4 Signs Your Water is Soft: A Guide for Yakima, WA Homeowners

By Karen | July 18, 2023

Here in Yakima, WA, understanding the hardness and softness of the water in your home is a common conversation starter. With the impact of agricultural run-off and many of us utilizing well water, we have to work hard to make sure our families have the best possible drinking water. Sometimes it’s hard to know if … Read more

Finding the Perfect Water Filtration System for Your Home: A Local Guide for Yakima, WA

By Karen | June 6, 2023

In Yakima, Washington, where water quality can vary, it’s essential to have a reliable water filtration system that ensures clean and safe water for you and your family. With numerous options available, choosing the best water filtration system can be overwhelming. We’re big big fans of Eco-Water products, but before you jump into making decisions, … Read more

How to Maintain Your Water Filtration System: Tips from Yakima Experts

By Karen | April 14, 2023

Water filtration systems are increasingly important for Yakima Valley homeowners that are reliant on well water for their daily use. While these systems are designed to last for a long time, regular maintenance is necessary to keep them functioning efficiently. The biggest problems we see in our maintenance calls are a result of homeowners neglecting … Read more

How is Hard Water Measured?

By Karen | March 7, 2023

Water hardness is a measure of the amount of dissolved minerals in water, mainly calcium and magnesium. These minerals are naturally occurring and are picked up as water passes through rocks and soil. Hard water is generally safe to drink and use for other purposes, but it can cause a variety of issues. Whether or … Read more

Why Filtration Systems are a Good Solution for Contaminated Groundwater in the Yakima Valley

By Karen | February 7, 2023

Groundwater is a crucial source of drinking water for those of us that call Yakima Valley home. Contamination of ground water can happen through a variety of sources and it’s important to monitor contaminate levels in your home’s drinking water and take action when needed. Elevated Nitrates Can Cause Health Issues One of the most … Read more

Do I Need a Reverse Osmosis System to go with my Water Softener?

By Karen | December 1, 2022

Perhap you’ve taken the first step and installed your water softener. Great job! However, impurities may remain in your water after being process by a water softener. By adding a reverse osmosis system alongside your water softern you can remove remaining impurities in your water. You can be ensured that your are providing perfect drinking … Read more

Do You Need a Water Filter at Home? Here’s How to Know

By Karen | August 13, 2022

Many people assume that their tap water is clean and healthy. However, even water that looks and tastes fine can contain impurities. Some of these impurities are harmless, but some can be toxic to humans or can damage fixtures and appliances. Many factors play into what kind of filtration system you need. For example, if … Read more

How Can Hard Water Affect Your Plumbing?

By Karen | August 11, 2022

If you’ve noticed a white residue on your drains and faucets, you may have hard water. Hard water is water that contains excessive amounts of minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. These minerals build up through the water cycle and can be found in well water and city water. The more minerals present in the water, … Read more