Best Ways to Save Water During Summer (And Avoid a High Water Bill!)

Did you know that 30% of the water used in U.S. households is used outdoors? In drier parts of the country, that number is even higher. Tasks such as filling your pool, washing your car, or watering your lawn, can cause a spike in your water bill during the summer months. Learning to conserve water can save money and be good for the planet.

Although you may be using more water, reducing your water bill this summer is possible. There are some simple changes that you can implement to save water and money on your water bill during the hottest months of the year. We’re going to give you some tips on changes you can make indoors and outdoors to save on water during the summer.

Ways to Save Water Indoors

To make up for the extra water use outdoors, you can change your indoor water usage. Here are some ways to reduce your indoor water usage in the summer.

  • Only wash full loads of laundry, as needed – Not only will your washing machine run more efficiently when you run full loads, but you will also be using your water more efficiently.
  • Fix leaky faucets – Leaky faucets can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year! So while a few drips don’t seem like a lot, they can add up.
  • Water your plants with dehumidifier water – Let your dehumidifier pull double duty. First, it draws water out of the air to make you more comfortable, but you can then use the water it removes from the air to water your plants. Dehumidifier water can even be better than tap water for your plants because it doesn’t contain fluoride or chlorine as tap water does.
  • Showers instead of baths – You use less water in a shower than you would in a bath. Also, if you make it a short shower, you’re saving even more.
  • Get a low-flow showerhead – A low-flow showerhead uses less water while giving you the feeling of normal pressure.
  • Invest in a water softener – Soap doesn’t work well with hard water. That means longer wash and rinse cycles to get the same clean you would get with soft water.
  • Keep cold water in pitchers in the refrigerator – Having cold water ready to go will keep you from leaving the water running to get a cold refreshing drink.

Ways to Save Water Outdoors

A large part of the increase in water use during the summer is outdoor water use. Take a look at these tips on ways to reduce outdoor water usage.

  • Know when to water your lawn – When you water your lawn during the day, the heat will evaporate the water. By watering your lawn in the morning, you give the water a chance to soak into the ground. You should also only water your lawn enough to keep it healthy when you’ve had little rain.
  • Change the way you wash your car – Instead of using a hose to wash your car, use a bucket. Leaving a hose running the whole time will use a significant amount of water. Take your vehicle to a commercial car wash to save even more water. Many commercial car washes recycle rinse water and use water-conserving equipment.
  • Cover your pool – You can lose a few inches of water each week if you leave your pool uncovered. Covering your pool stops evaporation, especially during the hottest part of the day.
  • Leave your grass longer – The shorter you mow your grass, the more the soil can dry out and burn your grass. You create shade and cut down on evaporation by leaving your grass longer.
  • Change up your landscaping – You can make a couple of changes to your landscaping to help save water. First, choose plants that don’t need a lot of water, and that can flourish during droughts. Or, stop using grass and plants altogether. Terraces and rock gardens are easy to maintain, don’t use water, and can make a beautiful addition to your property.

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Your water bill doesn’t have to break the bank in the summer. With a few simple changes, you can cut out water waste and lower your bill.

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