Hard Water: How Can It Affect Us And Is It Safe For Drinking?

The water you use comes from the city’s piping system or ground water/well, depending on where you live. As it travels through the ground to your home, the water picks up certain minerals that are kept in the water that streams out of your faucet. The terms “hard water” and “soft water” may sound familiar … Read more

Understanding Water Refiner Systems

Water is an important part of our everyday lives. From when we wake up to when we go to bed, water is featured in many of the activities we take part in, and is essential for our existence in several ways. Unfortunately, water does not start out clean and ready to consume in most areas … Read more

The Top Reasons To Invest In A Solar Water Heater

The sun is a free and invaluable source of energy that we are continually learning to utilize more and more in our daily lives. Homeowners and business owners alike are seeing the benefits of solar energy as an invaluable resource in the form of solar panels and solar water heaters. This sun-driven technology is expanding … Read more

How to know if you need a new pressure tank

It’s happened to all of us: our water pressure drops, leaving us with little or no running water, and our pressure tank is to blame. Does that merit calling a professional, or should you risk trying to fix it yourself? The problem is, pressure tanks are frequently very difficult to fix, and more often than … Read more

What Is a Water Softener and How Does It Work?

Water is water. It’s all the same, right?  Not exactly.  Water can be considered hard or soft. Hard water leaves a mineral residue behind, and it can be particularly noticeable after washing your clothes. Hard water can also leave stains on light-colored clothing. You don’t need to live with hard water, nor do you want … Read more