Is Soft Water Better for Your Hair?

If you’ve been thinking of getting a water softener, more perks may be associated with your purchase than just fresher, softer water. For example, did you know that your hair can also benefit from soft water? Hard water contains minerals that make it difficult for soap to lather, meaning more products are needed to get … Read more

Is It Safe For Pets to Drink Soft Water?

Your four-legged friends likely have a water bowl sitting out so that they have constant access to water. But have you ever wondered if the soft water you provide them is safe? Hard water has a high level of dissolved minerals, mainly magnesium and calcium, and while these minerals are harmless, they can build up … Read more

The Unseen Dangers of Water Pollution

All living things need water. However, water pollution remains a significant problem. Groundwater systems can quickly become polluted by chemicals and other toxins, making the water unhealthy not only for drinking but also for cooking and bathing. People have even gotten sick by eating food (animals and plants) raised or grown using contaminated water. Most … Read more

Is Cloudy Tap Water Safe to Drink?

You come home from a long run or a day working in the yard thirsty beyond compare, so you walk to the faucet to grab a nice refreshing glass of water, only to find your tap water is cloudy and very unappetizing. No one wants to drink opaque water when they are incredibly thirsty. While … Read more

How Do You Tell if Your Tap Water is Contaminated?

Your tap water is one of the most-used things in your house. Whether we drink it, shower in it, wash clothes with it, or brush our teeth with it, it’s an essential part of our lives. This fact makes it important to know if and when our water is contaminated.  Modern water filters and water … Read more