Do I Need a Reverse Osmosis System to go with my Water Softener?

Perhap you’ve taken the first step and installed your water softener. Great job! However, impurities may remain in your water after being process by a water softener.

By adding a reverse osmosis system alongside your water softern you can remove remaining impurities in your water. You can be ensured that your are providing perfect drinking water in your home.

Here’s why reverse osmosis systems and water softeners work fantastic together and you should consider both for your home or commercial space:

Provide the highest quality water for your family

Adding a reverse osmosis system to your drinking water ensure that you are going a step farther than softening your water to ensure the water you drink is pure. Under sink systems or small cabinet systems have become easy to integrate into your kitchens.

A water softener will remove the minerals that make your water hard and a reverse osmosis system will go even further by removing most of the remaining impurities (hydrocarbons, sulfates, cadmium, pesticides and more).

Save money

Water softeners increase the life span of your appliances and lower your overall energy costs. They also lower the amount of soap and detergent used.

Reverse Osmosis systems also help families save money by avoiding bottled water costs and drinking less sugary drinks after the unit has been installed. Together the water softener and reverse osmosis system will pay for itself and provide fantastic drinking water.

A soft water system can protect your Reverse Osmosis Unit

By installing a water softener system alongside your reverse osmosis drinking system, you will reduce the chances of your reverse osmosis system being damaged by hard water. The water softener is essentially a protective barrier that extends the life of the reverse osmosis membranes.

Get Started

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