Is It Time To Replace Your Home Water Filter?

Not only does having refreshing, filtered water taste great but many of your home appliances and systems rely on having quality water running through them to provide and enhance their performance. Therefore, if you have a home water filter connected, you want to know that it’s doing its job properly. But when something tastes off, or sediment is seen in the sink, what does that mean?

These are some of the signs that your water filter is malfunctioning or clogged and is in need of a replacement. Here are some of the other ways your filtration system will tell you it’s time for a new water filter. 

Decrease in Water Pressure

If you’ve noticed the water pressure in the sinks and faucets around your house has been dropping at a steady pace, you may have a clogged filter that needs to be replaced. 

Over time debris, sediment, heavy metals, and chemicals can accumulate in your water filter. As the water filters clog, it becomes more difficult for water to pass through your filtration system. Replacing your water filter at the right time will keep your water filter operating as it should.

A noticeable drop in water pressure can come from other sources as well, such as extensive leaking. When it comes to leaks, call in a professional right away. If it’s a filter issue, the plumber can replace the filter. But if it’s a leak, the plumbing expert will catch it as well so it can be repaired.

Water Tastes or Looks Bad

When filters start to fail, these problems will begin to slowly affect the water, and it will sometimes give you a sign that it needs fixing before the issue becomes bigger than it needs to be. Foggy, or turbid water is a sign that the filter is starting to fail. Another sign is a Bad taste when you drink the water, including metallic or salty tastes.

If you have a water softener, the salty taste could mean the system is putting too much sodium into the water to counteract hard water minerals. Both turbidity and bad taste mean that your filter is ready to be replaced. 

Water Smells Bad

If you lift up your glass of water and smell a rotten egg, it is definitely time to change your filter. Bad smells or odors, such as chlorine or the rotten egg smell (which is sulfur) in your drinking water can come from different sources. If your water filter is no longer getting rid of these smells, you probably need a new one.

Slow Filter Speed

If your filtration system is taking a long time to filter your water when normally it takes no time at all, that could mean your filter is getting clogged and therefore ready to be cleaned or changed over.

For reverse osmosis filtration systems, if your filters are old or not functioning properly, it could take anywhere up to 6 hours to fill a standard sized tank. Whereas if the filters are new, then it should only take 2-4 hours to fill.

Lots of Use

The more you use your water, the sooner you will go through your water filter. If you have a large family, go by gallons used and not by months, when it comes to how long your filter is expected to last. Using more water than the average household will wear down your filter faster. 

Scale Build-Up

If you’ve ever had hard water, then you are no stranger to scale build-up. Hard water causes a buildup of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, called scale on or in your water filter. Also, if your filtered water has started to taste a bit metallic, that can also be a sign of hard water. Scale build-up can damage your appliances and leave you scrubbing the bottom of sinks and tubs for hours, so replacing your filter at the first sign of scale is a good idea. 

Black Particles in the Water

When you hold your glass up to the light, do you see “floaty bits” or black particles in your filtered water? If you see black particles floating in your cup, it’s time for a water quality test, as this could be even worse than you think. Black mold is fungus that can cause many health problems and must be taken care of immediately. If you find mold in your filtered water, you’ll need to get your whole water system cleaned and remember to replace the filter with a new one as the mold spores will most likely be in there too.

Enjoy Clear and Refreshing Water

The water you drink should be safe and healthy for everyone in your household. At Independent Water Service, you can get cleaner, clearer drinking water today with an EcoWater drinking water purification system. We proudly service all of Yakima and Kittitas counties and are just a call away from purer and healthier water.  

Contact us today to schedule your free water quality test and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is safe and pure to drink.