5 Water Contamination Signs & How a Whole House Water Refiner Can Help

Water is our primary source for survival and is also vitally essential to our health and wellbeing. While these are well known facts, what’s hidden in the water you drink every day isn’t necessarily obvious. Whether you utilize private well water or municipally provided tap water, your water may include contaminants that can significantly affect your health.

Even if your water does not contain any contaminants, mineral deposits can have substantial damage to your appliances and plumbing, as well as cause itching and irritated skin. Having a whole house water refiner system is a secure, convenient, and less expensive means to guarantee that your home has pure water for all of your needs.

In this guide, we have broken down the early warning signs of water contamination and their negative impacts on our lives, as well as how a whole house water refiner can help you ensure your water is pure and free of contaminants that are bad for your skin, your clothes, and your pipes.

1. Eliminating Colored or Cloudy Water

Hard water is water that includes dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds. As a result, drinking water is rich in minerals and some other naturally occurring compounds. On the other hand, water should always appear clear, not showing any clouding or sediment, and not colored with a brownish or orange tint.

Contaminants exist in the water of every household that has cloudy or colored water. It is advisable not to drink any colored or cloudy water. Most importantly, if your water is discolored or contains sediment, schedule a free water quality analysis from a reputable water treatment expert to perform a thorough inspection of your home’s water.

2. Stop the Stains and Spots

Hard water is defined by containing a high concentration of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Although it is not directly damaging to the body, it can cause discomfort by drying your skin and hair, and can reduce the longevity of your taps, pipes, and drains. Hard water limescale deposits can degrade the quality of your water, causing your kitchen equipment to fail over time or break down frequently.

Moreover, it also affects the effectiveness of any household detergent, such as hand soap, laundry detergent, or dish soap. Spots and stains on your cooking equipment or kitchenware are also valid indicators of hard water. If you discover them, you may want to consider a water refiner or water softener for your home.

3. Eliminate Metallic or Bitter Water Taste

For the most part, water has no flavor or even smell. However, if your water has a metallic or bitter aftertaste, you may be dealing with contaminated water. In general, having this distinct taste in your home water implies that it carries harmful compounds that aren’t suitable for everyday consumption. Such substances include insecticides, medicines, herbicides, and industrial chemicals. If you want to eliminate the bitter or metallic taste in your home water, speak with a water treatment specialist to help you figure out what to do.

4. Stop the Sulfur Scent

While sulfur naturally occurs in the ground, for those that use well water, some of it will likely work its way into your underground water supply. When consumed, low levels of sulfur in your drinking water, much like chlorine, carry little to no risk. Ingesting high amounts of sulfur from your drinking water, however, can be highly harmful.

Thankfully, the most dangerous component of sulfur (known as hydrogen sulfide gas) emits a powerful, lasting, and disagreeable scent identical to rotten eggs, alerting you to its presence in your water. If you have noticed sulfur in your well water or tap water, it’s important to notify your municipality as soon as possible and ensure that you do not drink it. 

Whole house water refiner systems excel at filtering out groundwater contaminants such as sulfur, lead, magnesium, and more. If your home’s water is at risk of contamination due to your location or the age of your well water pump and pressure system, contact a water purification system specialist and discuss your options.

5. Eliminate Contamination from Deteriorating Pipes 

When was the last time you were under your house? 

If you’ve recently observed that some of your pipes are deteriorating, this could be a symptom of water contamination. When your pipes are deteriorating and rusting, several of the chemicals and elements in your pipes will seep into your water, risking its purity and safety. 

Experts advise homeowners to inspect their plumbing at least once every two years. While a whole house water refiner can eliminate these contaminants once they’ve entered your water, it is essential that you do have your pipes inspected and replaced if they are in disrepair, regardless of whether or not you have a water refiner installed.

How Can a Water Refiner Help in Resolving Water Contamination?

The purpose of a water refiner is not only to extract hard water minerals but also pollutants such as chlorine, and any unpleasant smells or tastes from the water. Lead, iron, pesticides, arsenic, and hormones are just a few of the contaminants that can be filtered out by a water refiner.

Most importantly, a water refiner includes three main features that improve the quality of your home’s water:

  • Your system softens your entire household’s water using the least amount of salt and water.
  • Countercurrent regeneration boosts system efficacy and functionality.
  • Your water refiner system eliminates chemical contaminants and unwanted chlorine throughout the home.

How Can I Tell If My Water Is Safe?

One of the simplest methods to check whether your tap water is free of toxins is through water testing. Water tests are available for city and well water utilized in retail, commercial, and residential settings. 

The results of the testing will exactly reveal what is in your water supply. Second, the test’s results will identify what measures you may take to improve the quality of your water and ensure your home has clean, contaminant free water.

Selecting the Ideal Water Filter System for Your Home

Your home’s water should be safe and healthy for everyone in your household. With Independent Water Service, you can get cleaner, clearer water today with an EcoWater softener system. We proudly service all of Yakima and Kittitas counties and are just a call away from purer and healthier water.  

Contact us today to schedule your free water quality test and rest assured your water is pure.