How Do You Maintain a Water Softener?

Your water softener requires regular maintenance to keep it running at top performance like any other household appliance. And with water continuously running through it, rust and other residues can build up if you don’t clean it and have it serviced regularly. This is especially true if you have hard water. Although you should regularly … Read more

Pressure Tanks and Your Well System: What You Need to Know

Having a modern well, whether for residential or commercial use is a convenient resource. It produces excellent-quality water, with little servicing.  The well system consists of different components such as a pressure tank, pressure switch, pump, and the well. The pressure tank has the primary purpose of storing water from the well, then distributing the … Read more

How to Know If You Need a Water Softener at Home

Several factors influence the quality of your tap water, including where the water comes from, how it’s thoroughly cleaned, the location of your well or treatment center, the state of your city’s water delivery pipes, and so on. In many households, hard water, which contains plenty of minerals and can cause buildup in pipes, is … Read more

Are Solar Water Heaters Worth It?

Month after month of high heating bills may have you questioning your electricity usage and whether or not that old water heater of yours has outlived its usefulness. You’re not alone. Americans all over the states are opting to go solar and save on their monthly energy costs through renewable energy. Advantages of Using Solar … Read more