How Can A Water Softener Save You Money?

While the hard water in your home may not be harmful to your health, it could be costing you hundreds of dollars every year. Investing in a water softener improves your home’s water quality and pays for itself over time with savings on water usage.

Today, we will go over all of the ways a water softener can benefit you and your household as well as save you money month after month.

How A Water Softener Saves Money

1. Extends The Life Of Your Appliances

If you’ve had hard water in your home for an extended period of time, you’re probably aware of scale build up. Scale comes from the minerals in hard water that are shed from pressure and cause a hard crust to form around pipes, at the bottom of the tub, on your dishes, and in the laundry room. 

Scale can cause your water pressure to weaken, but far worse than that, it can actually damage your appliances, clogging up screens, pipes, and hoses, forcing them to work harder and making them less efficient. Many extended warranties for dishwashers and other appliances do not cover scale build up issues. 

Water softeners eliminate the minerals that cause scale in your water. This means that you don’t have to worry about the continual degradation of your water quality or the efficiency and integrity of your pipes and appliances. 

2. Cuts The Cost of Your Utility Payments

Not only does a water softener save you money when it comes to appliances, but it can also lower your utility costs as well. When your hot water heater becomes restricted due to mineral scale build up, it needs to work harder to achieve proper hot water flow, and thus uses more water. 

Having to run your laundry longer or dishwasher longer uses a good amount of water (and electricity) as well. This all adds up on your water and electricity bills. The cost savings of installing a water softener system alleviate these issues and save on your energy and water bills, month after month.

3. Saves You Money on Soaps, Detergents and Other Cleaners

It’s a proven fact that hard water reduces the effectiveness of soaps, making it more difficult to get a good lather. Hard water has also been shown to dry out skin and hair, which means you’ll be pumping out a lot more of that expensive hand and body lotion as well. Water softeners make washing easier on laundry, skin and your car. This means less soap or detergent is needed to get the most important items in your life clean. 

4. Keep Clothes Longer With Soft Water

Have you opened up your washer after the cycle only to find small amounts of grayish grit all over? These remnants are hard water deposits and they are slowly wearing out your clothing. If your clothes don’t feel clean after the wash, it could be because your detergent couldn’t get sudsy enough during the cycle. Switching to a water softener will not only eliminate any mineral deposits on your clothing, but they will look and feel cleaner, as well as last longer.

5. Increases the Value of Your Home

Having a water softener installed in your home can add more value to the home itself, as water softeners are a desired feature. Homebuyers want to invest in a home where they don’t have to worry about the condition of the pipes, sinks, showers, or appliances. If you are trying to sell your home, keep in mind that a water softener is an added amenity that could close the deal faster. 

Benefits of Soft Water

Besides saving you money, soft water also:

  • Uses less soap and detergent.
  • Cleans dishes better than hard water.
  • Leaves skin and hair softer and more hydrated.
  • Doesn’t leave spots on dishes.
  • Doesn’t leave stains on tub or sink drains.
  • Increases the life of your appliances.

Ready To Upgrade To A Water Softener?

Independent Water Service can recommend and install the right water filtration system for your specific needs. We offer free water analysis and help you choose which system works for you. Our free water analysis checks for softness, impurities and other factors that may affect your household or business’ water. We offer systems for both residential and commercial spaces.

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