How to Know If You Need a Water Softener at Home

Several factors influence the quality of your tap water, including where the water comes from, how it’s thoroughly cleaned, the location of your well or treatment center, the state of your city’s water delivery pipes, and so on. In many households, hard water, which contains plenty of minerals and can cause buildup in pipes, is … Read more

Why You Should Invest in a Water Softener

If you consistently have to rewash dishes and find an odd film develops on them out of the washer, you might have hard water. Hard water means that your home’s water contains dissolved calcium, magnesium, and other metals. Hard water is not dangerous and is common if your water comes from groundwater versus a public … Read more

How Do You Know When Your Water Softener Needs to be Replaced?

Water softeners are a great addition to any home, as they not only help to remove certain minerals from your drinking water, they also leave your dishes sparkling every wash and keep your pipes from getting sediment buildup. The lifespan of a water softener can be lengthened or shortened by the care and maintenance it … Read more

Common Misconceptions About Water Softeners

It is commonplace for people to hesitate when purchasing a new appliance for their home or business, especially when there is so much information floating around that is at odds with one another. You want to feel excited about your next big purchase, not apprehensive and so this article will help put your mind at … Read more

How Can A Water Softener Save You Money?

While the hard water in your home may not be harmful to your health, it could be costing you hundreds of dollars every year. Investing in a water softener improves your home’s water quality and pays for itself over time with savings on water usage. Today, we will go over all of the ways a … Read more